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Design A Coin

Design your own coin online: Challenge Coins, Military Coins

Designing any coin can be difficult, however coinable is here to help educate the process of making coins.

Here is a Slide Show to walk you through some of the ideas of coin manufacturing.

Size of the custom coin

Shape of the custom coin

Quantity of coins minted

Metal finish of the challenge coin

Extra Features that are needed.

Is a bottle opener custom coin of interest?
Graphic Inc., was awarded a patent for the following
Round and Dog Tag Style Bottle Opener Coins - PATENT USD0685238

Do you have a CUSTOM COIN TEMPLATE to design a coin?

A challenge coin die fee will be required to make the coins, whether the coins are die-struck or die-cast, a master mold/die must be created.

2D coin designs
raised and recessed metal only
Business Coins
Cancer Treatment Centers of America Commemorative Coins

Type of coins to create?

Custom Coins
Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge Coin Key-chain
Custom Shaped Challenge Coins
Personalized Challenge Coins

South Korean made Challenge Coins.

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