How do I send you my design and artwork?

Custom Coin Template

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You may email your custom coin attachments, send a colored fax, or send items to us via a postal service.

Artwork can only be as good as you provide. Simply because the art file is an EPS or JPG format does not mean it will be clean and useable. Faxed, scanned or artwork which as been reproduced numerous times will not improve and will not look its best without additional clean up efforts. We reserve the right to refuse any artwork that will not meet our standards of product quality when reproduced with our equipment.

Delays can occur in production when artwork is provided in the wrong format. Time can be lost with efforts to convert files that are submitted without following guidelines below. Please contact us if you have any questions about the format requirements.

If you would like some ideas or need certain military pictures for your coins, please click the sites below and they might be helpful.


Here is a list of coin design or coin creator software.
Rough layouts are not needed. You do not have to supply finished designs.

All that is needed is a completed order form. Charges follow artwork approval.

Preferred Programs

PC Format Only - sorry, we cannot accept MAC program disks

Custom Coin Template
Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Publisher
CoralDraw 5.0 or higher ( up to version XIII)
Adobe Illustrator - Windows (Save Graphics as Adobe Illustrator convert Text to outlines)
Adobe Photoshop
Any PDF document should be fine

File Information
You must include all EPS, JPG, or TIFF files used for the job if you have any. We can also accept compressed (.zip) files. Attach these files to your e-mail.

Font Information
Convert all text to outlines or curves. Please be aware that once this is done the text to your artwork can no longer be edited. If editing is required you must include the Font (TrueType only) on the disk. WE DO NOT HAVE EVERY FONT THAT IS AVAILABLE.

Your coin design can be e-mailed to us in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, .TIF, .JPG or .PDF format. The better your original images are, the better your coin will look. Power Point, and Word files are fine if you want to send us your idea of what you're looking for, but we will need the separate full size images to design your coin. We will look over your design and let you know if there are any areas that need fixed.

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